Frequently Asked Questions


What is so special about PAWS?

Paws is a all natural but artificially made pet litter. It contains recycled kerbside newspaper which is crushed and a natural milled rock which is high in zeolite, a natural deodorizing mineral. It is made into a soft yet durable pellet which is porous and highly absorbent. It is recyclable and safe for all pets

It has lavender…why is that?

Lavender is added to improve the appreciation of the purchaser adding a fresh natural ambience but it is also liked by cats as it is part of the family of plants that includes catnip. Lavender is also a flea repellent for cats.

How absorbent is PAWS?

Rigorous testing shows PAWS to absorb over 200wt% of fluids higher that all locally available brands; paper litters are generally about 110-120%, zeolite litters are about 80-100% and clay litters about 100%.

Is PAWS antibacterial?

Yes, the zeolite, in the presence of other metal ions is a powerful antibacterial agent. Note however nothing knocks out toxoplasmosis so take care handling faeces.

Why should I but PAWS

Firstly PAWS is very highly absorbent of fluids, soaks up malodours and is lightweight unlike clay litters yet not so light as to be tracked through the house. Disposal is easy as it is flushable and compostable. These benefits makes PAWS one of the best litters on the market

Where is PAWS made

PAWS is made in Napier by a family business and all ingredients are sourced locally. The current manufacturing process is labour intensive and done with maximum care and attention. It is truly a Kiwi product.

Is PAWS flushable?

PAWS is made such that in large volumes of water, its bonding succumbs and the fibre and zeolite separate. Because both components are of fine grain-size it does not threaten the waste systems.

Is PAWS safe?

Paws contains no toxic components and all are eco approved. Other litters however can contain toxic oils like terpenes as in wood based litters and clay and zeolite based litters can bind the gut if ingested causing potential lethal outcomes. Dust in budget litters are a lethal threat to kittens with problems with asthma.

How should PAWS be used?

Paws is user-friendly; about 1-1.5 litres is enough for the average litter box and lasts at least 1 week probably 2 weeks. Since PAWS partially clumps, the urine causes the pellets to coagulate making them easy to remove by scoop. The urine seldom reaches the base of the tray and therefore does not stick to the tray. Faeces tend to be dehydrated by the litter and remain as solid rods easily removed. Replace the litter once all used and smell is noticeable.

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