What is PAWS Pet Litter?

With the help of Dr Ray Merchant, FMTL is proud to present Paws Pet Litter. This product has outstanding absorbency and odour retention qualities. Hours of development work have gone into Paws Pet Litter to bring you amazing results.

Our goal was to produce a pet litter that out performs anything you have used before. If you are having trouble dealing with the unpleasant smell of pet urine, then Paws is the pet litter for you. Most litters do not have the ability to absorb urine effectively, resulting in a large portion of urine resting on the bottom of the litter tray. Over time, the odour releases into the air creating the unpleasant smell. Paws Pet Litter is designed to absorb the urine and treat the unpleasant odour, with a mineral called Zeolite.

Users of our pet litter have experienced minimal odour after two to three weeks use. This is achieved because the pellets do not break down after absorbing fluid; they keep working by expanding and holding their form. To extend the lifetime of the litter, simply remove your pet's solid waste. One of the best features of Paws Pet Litter is it's ability to break down naturally - when the litter is due for replacement, simply place it in your garden or flush it down your toilet.

Paws Pet Litter is a revolutionary pet litter that we stand behind, thanks to Dr Merchant and his good old backyard Kiwi development!

Why Choose Paws Pet Litter

  • it absorbs liquid better than anything on the market today
  • long lasting due to the ability to retain its form, unlike sawdust, clay and other fibre-based litter which deteriorates when absorbing liquid
  • outstanding odour control with the use of the mineral Zeolite
  • the litter is designed to reduce toxins which make it safer for your pet
  • lightweight and easy to handle. You will no loner need to lump around heavy bags of litter
  • produced using recycled New Zealand paper
  • flushable, compostable and biodegradable

Give it a go, you will not be disappointed!