About FMTL

Ten years ago Dr Ray Merchant, a respected New Zealand Geologist, formed a company called Fibre Mineral Technology Limited. He decided to use his knowledge and apply it to developing products with minerals and fibre sourced specifically in New Zealand. Dr Merchant is responsible for discovering New Zealand's first commercial deposit of a volcanic rock called Zeolite. Zeolite features in nearly all of Dr Merchant's products - it's main purpose is to fight unpleasant odours.

Dr Merchant has had various successes in developing products for numerous industry, but one product has always tested his patience and that is the designing of a pet litter that out performs its competition. In 2014, Dr Merchant succeeded! From its humble beginnings of trial and error in a backyard shed to a fully operational boutique factory in his larger garage, Dr Merchant has produced a pet litter that exceeds initial expectations. To this day Dr Merchant and his team still manufacture Paws Pet Litter out of his garage; in true Kiwi spirit and through utter determination, Dr Merchant has produced a product that has to be tried to be believed.

The future for FMTL is very exciting with the forecast of various ground breaking projects. Dr Merchant and his development team will be placing all their effort into new environmentally friendly and sustainable products. In doing so FMTL take great pride in playing their part in reducing waste by continuing to use in their products recyclable/biodegradable fibre.

At FMTL we aim to reduce waste in our own little part of the world, so we guarantee that we will never import fibre for our products. Fibre Mineral Technilogy Limited - New Zealand made. Naturally.